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July 26 2013

November 08 2012

January 28 2012

April 28 2010

March 31 2009

March 19 2009

March 18 2009

On the set of the short feature Polio Jitterbug. Still in production, a rough cut of the film was shown in January at St. Ann's Warehouse, part of the Labapalooza! program of puppet-based new works-in-progress.

February 26 2009

February 13 2009

February 02 2009

November 30 2008

Sunday Night: The Pair Of Mavericks return
My friend Devin and I will be playing records at the most beautiful bar in Philadelphia again tonight, Sunday, 11/30. We're a pair of mavericks! One turntable, a maverick mixture of old and new vinyl. Maverick! Cocktail jams, my friends.

It's rainy and grey outside, making the fireplace and warm glow of Sassafras all the more inviting, so if you're around, stop by and say hello.

48 S. 2nd Street
9.30p - 2a

November 19 2008

October 10 2008

June 27 2008

DG @ the baby grand piano in the live room at Scullville

June 17 2008

April 23 2008

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